What we offer

Our mission is to provide a high quality service for the evaluation and characterization of normal and pathological tissues from any kind of experimental model system.

Optimization of protocols for new stains or biological specimen.


We provide the entire service: from consultation, to tissue trimming and embedding, cutting, staining, photographic documentation and data analysis.


We continuously develop new protocols for novel stains or specimens.


We thrive for high quality service. The staff is in continuous education and participates to seminars, courses and meetings.

Certified laboratory
UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 n. IT324391 ISO9001


Processing & Sectioning

Processing & Sectioning
  • Paraffin embedding of any tissue.
  • Sectioning of paraffin embedded tissue blocks at the microtome.
  • Sectioning of user-provided frozen samples at the cryostate.
  • Serial sectioning, collection on slides or in tubes.


  • Standard Hematoxylin/Eosin stain.
  • Special stains
    (Oil red O, Von Kossa, etc).
  • Optimization and Validation of immunological stains.
  • Vast list of optimized antibodies available.


Data Analysis
  • Assistance in Data documentation (Digital microscope)
  • Evaluation/Analysis by certified Pathologist.

More technical information about the Histology Service


This is a list of our most frequently asked questions regarding the work-flow of the facility:

  • For paraffin processing/embedding bring your sample in 70% EtOH already in the plastic mold used for embedding (labeled with a pencil).
  • For cryosections bring your frozen samples in OCT.
  • For special stains just bring the slides you would like to have stained.
  • For immunohistological analysis bring your slides and the appropriate amount of antibody.

The processor starts every Tuesday at 10:00 am. Upon request (and if motivated e.g. for paper in revision) the processor will also start on Thursday at 10:00 am. It is advisable to make a reservation 24 hours prior to departure of the processor.

Please send an email to histology-service [@] cogentech.it

Please send an email to claudio.tripodo [@] cogentech.it

Please send an email to histology-service [@] cogentech.it

Staff and Contacts

Claudio Tripodo


Federica Pisati

Federica Pisati

Federica Pisati holds a degree in Biological Sciences (Specialisation, Pathopysiology) from the University of Milan. She has performed her thesis at the Besta Neurological Insitute in Milan, where she continued to do research for 12 years, before joining the Cogentech Histology Unit in 2012.


  • Phone
    +39 02 574 303 619
  • Email
    histopathology-service [@] cogentech.it