Cogentech is investing more than 20% of its spending in research and development based on its firm believe that continuous innovation is essential to provide state-of the art scientific and diagnostic services.

R&D has been an important part of Cogentech’s activity since 2018, by collaborating closely with IFOM, its unique shareholder and scientific partner. Together, Cogentech and IFOM conduct cutting-edge research to discover genes, proteins and molecular mechanisms involved in the development of various diseases, particularly neoplastic ones, with the vision to develop new drugs to combat cancer and cure diseases.

Cogentech’s diagnostic branch (CGT Lab) is dedicated to design and implement innovative solutions in the field of hereditary cancer diagnostics and prevention. Cogentech’s CGT lab is known for its high professionality and for the quality of its services. Thanks to decennial experience and constant training of its staff Cogentech is able to offer timely and customized interventions to its clients. Continuous improvement of its diagnostic activities is the result of fruitful collaborations with clinicians and hospitals responding quickly to new diagnostic needs and open questions.

Cogentech therefore aims to transfer scientific knowledge generated in the laboratory to the health services market, creating added value for the community. Cogentech also has a strong Benefit vocation, which is expressed in promoting clinical and translational research in oncology, thus allowing scientific advances obtained in the laboratory to be rapidly applied in clinical practice. This is especially true in those areas that do not receive sufficient attention and investment from commercial companies.

In 2019 Cogentech has made a significant investment in R&D by opening a new laboratory in Sicily, dedicated to the development of new diagnostic tools. The investment was done in the context of an important grant from the ministry of University and Research which allowed the formation of a highly skilled team and instrument parc necessary for the development of new protocols for the application of liquid biopsy in oncology. The team continues its activity in Catania to bring the newly developed protocols into the clinic and to provide researchers with advanced molecular tools in areas such as NGS and molecular pathology.