What we offer

Quantitative analysis of any specific target sequence for gene expression, copy number variation or variant analysis, in low and high-throughput mode.

Real time QPCR and digital PCR.

Special protocols for small amounts of starting material.


We provide the entire service: from project design, assay selection and development, to data analysis.


Known for accuracy, speed and innovation, our facility has a track record of continuous technical development, providing state-of the art protocols.


We provide data analysis in compliance with MIQE guidelines.

Certified laboratory
UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 n. IT324391 ISO9001



gene expression
  • Absolute and relative quantification of mRNA, miRNA and ncRNA.
  • From cells, RNA or cDNA with or without preamplification.
  • For validation of microarray or NGS data, but not only.
  • Using single tube assays or Taqman Low-Density Array cards (TLDA, 384 wells).

Genetic Variant

Genetic Variant Analysis
  • Copy Number Variation (CNV) for genotyping and detection of deletions/duplications.
  • SNP Analysis for the detection of genetic variants.
  • High Resolution Melting (HRM) for mutation scanning, identification of new genetic variants and determination of methylation status.


  • qPCR data analysis using professional software (qbase) in compliance with MIQE guidelines for publications.
  • Optimum reference gene analysis using geNorm algorithm for mRNA and miRNA data.

More technical information about the real time PCR and service


This is a list of our most frequently asked questions regarding the work-flow of the facility:

We have a database dedicated to the assays in intranet which you can search with either gene name or RefSeq number.

Please send us an email with the gene name and RefSeq and we will order the assay for you.

Please send us an email with at least 200 bp of the sequence and we will order the assay for you.

In general we deliver the results within 2 working days (workload of the facility permitting)

  • For gene expression: 20 ng cDNA/assay
  • For SNP : 5-10 ng genomic DNA/assay
  • For CNV: 40 ng genomic DNA/assay
  • For Cell-to-Ct: from 10 to 105 cells in a maximum volume of 5 μl
  • For Ampligrid: 2 ng good quality RNA for 2 assays

Important: It is mandatory that you provide a picture of the RNA/DNA after separating them on an agrose gel as a quality control. For gene expression assays please provide a picture of the starting RNA.

Left-over material that will be stored for approximately 4 months, after which it will be discarded without further notice

Staff and Contacts

Valentina Dall'Olio

Valentina Dall'Olio

Valentina Dall’Olio has over 10 years of experience in qPCR technology. Graduated in Medical Biotechnology from University Milan, she joined the facility after a short period at the Hospital Sacco in Milan.

Laura Tizzoni

Laura Tizzoni

Laura Tizzoni’s experience in qPCR dates back to 1999, when she set up real time qPCR at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan. She then joined our facilities in 2003 to provide a qPCR service for the research institutes hosted in Via Adamello.


  • Phone
    +39 02 574303208
  • Email
    qPCR-service [@] cogentech.it